(Cement Fiber SIPs Panel)

Innova offers a Cement fiber skin SIPs panel (CSIPs) as part of its product line. Innova CSIPS have fiber cement panel skins in the standard cementfiberboard thickness of 5/16. MORE INFO

Innova Cork SIP

Cork may be a new building material to many in the United States, but this sustainable material has been used for home and commercial construction projects in other parts of the world for centuries.MORE INFO

Innova Phenolic Fiberglass SIP Panel

Innova manufactures phenolic skin SIPs in varying skin and core thickness to meet the specific needs of our clients. Phenolic skins are highly fire resistant, water proof, dimensionally stable…MORE INFO

Nail Base SIPS – Retro Fit SIP Panel Types:

Innova’s energy efficient nail base and retro-fit SIP panels save contractors and building Owners time and money. MORE INFO

Innova MGO SIPs Panels:

Innova offers a MGOSIPS panel which have Magnesium Oxide Board (MGO) skins. Innova MGO panel skins are available in thickness of 6 mm to 30 mm.MORE INFO

ABS/Plywood Panel:

Innova ABS and Foam Board panels have a verity of uses in the building industry. The high impact ABS and Foam Board material can be custom printed with any design or photo image. MORE INFO

Specialty Laminations

Innova can manufacture composite panels to client specifications to meet the exact needs of your project. We laminate almost any skin material including phenolic fiberglass, FRP, PVC, ABS, carbon fiber, steel, bullet resistant materials, foam board and more. MORE INFO

Plywood SIP Panel

manufactures plywood SIP panels 4’ wide by up to 24’ long. They are manufactured with ½” CDX, ¾” pressure treated or other material.MORE INFO

OSB SIPs Panel

Innova manufactures energy efficient OSB skin SIPs panels. These panels are manufactured with 7/16″ and 19/32″ OSB skins. MORE INFO

live clean, build green

The Innova Panel saves the project developer time and money while providing the end-user with an energy efficient eco-friendly low carbon footprint building. Our building system is fast, durable, energy efficient and can help your next project meet those stringent deadlines. With Innova´s energy  efficient green building products, we can offer high performance state of the art buildings for the same cost or less than traditional construction methods.

Innova Panel Twenty (20) Year Warranty

Innova Panel manufactures one of the highest quality structural insulated panels available in the industry. Our panels are manufactured with modern state of the art equipment for unmatched quality. Our SIPs panels have undergone rigorous third party testing and certification in accordance with ASTM and TAS requirements. Each panel that we manufacture is inspected by our quality control department to ensure that each panel meets our quality standard of our product approvals. Our quality assurance program is third party accredited by NAMI as specified by Florida State Product Approval Rule 9N-3. QC accreditation inspections are performed in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020 Guidelines.

When you purchase panels from Innova, you can be sure you are getting the best quality structural insulated panels available in the market. Every Innova SIP comes with a twenty (20) year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. If you require a complete copy of the Innova Panel twenty year Warranty prior to your purchase, please contact us and we will be glad to forward it to you.

For the complete warranty, contact:

Innova Panel, LLC.
1541B North Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

Telephone 305-455-7707


Your new high performance, energy efficient Innova building can qualify for a number of energy and green building savings, credits, incentives and rebates. Incentives and rebates vary by State. You can use the resource links below to locate the programs available in your state as well as Federal programs that could apply to your project. Please reference the links below for a listing of these programs: